I have been reading so much about this steak (Flat iron) being a favorite of many chefs and food writers. I decided to find out for myself why it is so popular. For one thing, I could never find it in the store.  Secondly it is supposed to be a cheap cut of meat.  sadly, it is not.  My guess is that when the store does have it, there are only a couple of them in the meat case.  Maybe it’s not a big seller or perhaps we are just not as educated about it as these professionals are? Finally, I find one and to my suprise it has a markdown sticker on it. No wonder,  it costs as much as the new york strip next to it. Wich would you choose? I buy it and head home to do some research. Every source I find says to cook it med-rare or it will be tough. This makes it a good broiler or grill item. If well done is desired you should use a marinade on it first. I have decided to cook mine in a non stick grill pan and season with salt and chicago steak seasoning by Weber. My steak was slightly less than a pound and I cooked it 5 minutes per side. I deglazed my pan with 1/4 cup of beef broth, 1 Tablespoon of red wine and at the end finished with 1 tablespoon of cream. I served it with roasted potatoes. The end result was better than I could have ever expected!! In other words I loved it. It was tender and juicy and yes, I would buy this over a new york strip any day. Please try this just once and you will be hooked.

Flat Iron steak